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    How To More Effectively Manage Mr Peter Engblom

    Motivating Mr Engblom

    He will respond positively to public and social recognition, to monetary rewards and to having prestige and position. He should be given the authority and ability to interact and to influence people. Freedom of speech, favourable and impressive working conditions are important to him. A friendly and democratic relationship should be developed both inside and outside the job if possible. He will want and expect freedom from controls, supervision and detail.

    Mr Engblom will prefer having a variety of new, interesting and challenging assignments.

    Communicating With Mr Engblom

    An enthusiastic, friendly and direct approach to communication is recommended when interacting with Mr Engblom. He will, in the main, not respond well to an analytical, impersonal and detailed style of communication. "Key" moves and objectives should be discussed on a person to person basis. An autocratic rule driven approach to communication should be avoided.

    Delegating To Mr Engblom

    The objective and "bottom line" results to be achieved should be defined and discussed with Mr Engblom and then he should be allowed to decide how to go about realising the task at hand.

    Do not interfere and constantly check to see how he is doing. Delegate a number of tasks concurrently along with fairly demanding deadlines.

    Get to the point and adopt a firm and confident manner when delegating assignments. Do not delegate repetitive administrative type assignments requiring constant concentration and adherence to rules and regulations.

    Developing Mr Engblom

    He will respond well to being developed in areas of general management, as well as public relations and people orientated disciplines such as sales and marketing, management training, advertising and promotions etc.

    Emphasis can be placed on encouraging his strengths in being able to motivate, lead and generate enthusiasm in others.

    He should be encouraged at times to develop a more disciplined and controlled approach to planning, time management and problem solving, but not at the expense of stifling his enthusiasm, energy and ability to generate new opportunities and ideas.

    Supporting Mr Engblom

    It would make sense to provide some type of "backup" administrative system to free him from more mundane and repetitive type tasks. Provide a means or a "platform" from which he will be able to express his opinions or ideas.

    Create an open and participative type work environment which recognises the part he has to play in the organisation

    Remind him from time to time of the need to be more organised, goal directed and disciplined.

    Controlling Mr Engblom

    Control should be exercised more by way of setting difficult, demanding and concurrent assignments with definite deadlines and accountability and not by way of strict and rigid rules and guidelines with constant referral back to the manager. He should be put in a position where he recognises the potential consequences of realising their responsibilities and objectives. Do not adopt an impersonal and dictatorial approach to trying to control him, but provide the opportunity for frequent interaction and discussion with special emphasis being placed on the achievement of the tasks at hand.