I was born in Zululand and love the place.
I now live in the Dhlinza forest with screeching hornbills overhead,
monkeys everywhere.... just behind the George Hotel in Eshowe.
Somehow they let me redesign the whole place...and even let me have a gallery!
The George is a daring reinvention of the country hotel.
Smart, witty and sophisticated... a cunning collision of influences,
from "Zulu Zen" to eco and recycling, the hotel is filled with energy, vitality and magic.
Come and see for yourself

The perfect place to install a little new software in your thinka upper.
Weekend art escapes vary and most have a minimum of eight people to make them viable.
I am usually assisted by past students who now live in Eshowe or nearby.
These retreats and workshops can be designed designed to suite you.
Many artists, painters and photographers visit our jungle and never want to leave.
Eshowe is home to ecologists, musicians, writers, teachers, filmmakers, painters and photographers and a cosmologist, if you need a unique spin added to your art escape
there will be no problem. We can even organise meditation and yoga to go with Photoshop.
Why buy substandard art when you can make your own!
Explore-yourself... events workshops and shows.
We live for eco friendly convergence, participation, self expression and merriment.
Keep your eyes open and your mouse moving.
Stay posted on our events calendar, we are here to share and have fun...

And remember the new airport is only 45minutes to us!

My very own gallery space to show my latest work as well as crazy stuff that catches my eye.
I intend to feature exceptional local art as well as a few craft pieces that are based on recycling.
I'm working on a new eco-realism beyond the constraints of my usual techniques
I am doing battle with conventional colour and materials.
I am trying to get the surrounding jungle to look like it actually is.
Then bring it right into the gallery
I want to share this amazing place on an emotional level..
Art is a kind of religion for me,  
and I'm devoted to a kind of realism that involves working slowly and deliberately,
capturing as much detail and tone and colour info as possible, messing around endlessly with
the camera and computer and monitor and printer to get what I want.

As a teacher I am both very self-confident and modest,
consistently demonstrating my convictions without forcing them on you,
I have taught people from all walks of life and all ages.
I'm passionate about getting you to find your own unique vision.
Ask Ros Sarkin. I helped her find hers.

A digital playroom with all the toys you need to become a famous artist. Yip we got the lot, three apple's, linux with the gimp, photoshop machines, Epson 9600 printer, Epson 4000 printer, Epson 2000 printer and scanners to die for. With this bunch if toys anything is possible. Just remember that it costs me a fortune to feed them ink, so you are charged by the square millimetre for fine art prints.

I have slowly been adding art to the rooms and there is plenty
of accommodation for any taste. There is even a
backpackers in the hotel for budget groups

Then there is the Chennells guest house for more colonial types.

The coolest bar this side of the Tugela...fully airconditioned...ready for a party
with its own beer brewed right behind the swimming pool and cheap pub grub.


Mama Zulu coffee shop, full of my crazy art, with cappuccinos, cakes and daily specials..

The Quarters restaurant has the sort of grub you would expect at prices you would not.

Beginners weekend photography special
R2000.00 per person
Includes 2 nights accommodation, breakfast , teas and biscuits,a forest shoot with a model,
some daily access to a computer, one hour daily of one on one tuition in Photoshop or Gimp,
evening workshop with Q&A and an A4 fine art archival print printed by myself or Devon.
Minimum eight people.

Cyanotype weekend workshop
R3000.00 per person
Includes 2 nights accommodation, breakfast , teas and biscuits,
friday evening cyanotype workshop, forest photo shoot,
prep oration of the inter negative and all the materials to make your own fine art cyanotype.
Minimum eight people.

The Cyanotype process is accredited to Sir John Herschel, the Royal Astronomer, who visited South Africa. He developed the process so as to be able to make accurate copies of his designs, and it did not take long for the process to be exploited by photographers after it was found that it could be used to produce prints. The Cyanotype is one of the oldest and most permanent printing processes still in use by Fine Art Photographers and it is the simplest ‘alternative’ photographic process to undertake. Nude studies are excellent subjects for making cyanotype's. The brush strokes in the coating process produce edges that give a unique look to each print and the surface texture of the water colour paper becomes part of the final image to create a subtle aesthetic. Cyanotype image making is a fun process that produces unique photographs with a hand made organic look. For this workshop you can bring your own digital file or shoot here at the hotel. An ideal team building exercise.

Photoshop Boot camp
R3500.00 per person
Peters photographic and photoshop skills are legendry.
Google him to find out more about his exhibitions around the world.
The price includes 2 nights accommodation, breakfast , teas and biscuits, 
a forest shoot with picnic lunch saturday, daily tuition,
and a super A3 fine art archival print printed by Peter Engblom.
Minimum eight people.

Mixed Media weekend with Jacki Briniquel
R4500.00 per person
Includes accommodation, breakfast, teas and biscuits, hands on tuition by Jacki,
Picnic lunch in the forest saturday
a canvass print A3 for you to work on and all the materials needed to make a masterpiece.
A picture must be e-mailed to Jacki in advance so that it can be printed and st reached.
Minimum eight people.

Memory Box
R3500.00 per person
Includes accommodation, breakfast, teas and biscuits, hands on tuition by Peter,
and most of the materials needed to make a masterpiece, including the box frame itself.
Minimum eight people.
Peter Engbloms’s Memory boxes are in various collections and on sale at most major galleries.
Peter’s photographic skill and creativity is deeply seated in creating remarkable fine modern media. You can learn more about Peter and his techniques by attending this workshop.

Friday Evening:Meet and greet .
You'll get a chance to meet the the other participants
and begin to establish a rapport with each other.
Peter will talk about how the workshop will progress and about some of his work.
Following our initial meeting, all of the participants are invited to cocktail in Peters
gallery where he will give a presentation of previous work and take you on a tour
through the hotel where some of his memory boxes are incorporated ,

Participants leave with a finished 50cm by 50 cm memory box


The Fine Art Nude
R5000.00 per person

Peter Engbloms’s personal work in nude photography and "ZuluSushi" is noted throughout the world. Peter’s photographic skill and creativity is deeply seated in creating remarkable fine art digital works. You can learn more about Peter and his techniques by attending this workshop..

Friday Evening:
Meet and greet and portfolio show.
You'll get a chance to meet the models and the other photographers
and begin to establish a rapport with each other.
Peter will talk about how the workshop will progress and about some of his work.
Following our initial meeting, all of the participants are invited to cocktail in Peters
gallery where the EcoMuse exhibition is continually changing,
an art film and presentation
screened in the gallery wraps the evening

8:15 am breakfast at hotel
morning shooting
lunch (picnic) at the Fort
review session some of the digital work
afternoon computer session
depart afternoon sunset shoot
dinner (on your own) 

Morning shoot on location
Brunch (picnic) on site
Review session and printing of the chosen digital work
Participants leave with an archival Super A3 Print
Participants will get the opportunity to photograph nude figures during two consecutive days.
This allows time to get comfortable working with the figure models.
The class size is kept small with good model - student ratio.
On the premises there will be several outdoors locations available
for your photography, providing a maximum of time, space and privacy.

Participants are encouraged to bring a portfolio of their work for viewing Friday evening.
Five to seven prints are recommended. Any size digital camera ok for this workshop.

Students should bring their own camera, usb stick and a laptop if they have one.
This workshop is open to all levels of experience.

All participants are expected to work in a professional manner.
Any participant behaving in an inappropriate manner will be asked to leave the workshop.
There will be no refund.

Prerequisites: participants must have thorough knowledge of working with their camera and basic understanding of composition . This workshop does not allow time for assisting participants with their own camera operation.



I am now also going to start doing art shoots for individuals and musicians
when im in Eshowe. You can become a piece of my art!
Don't think that you are going to get something normal.
There are plenty of other people that can do that for you.
But its not as scary as it sounds.
If you want to show your truly wicked side then come to me.

Outfits are entirely up to you retro boots or jungle high fashion...
Naked Portraits, Artistic Erotic Nudes, Eco Nudes, historic mumbo jumbo,
bondage…or a combination!
It is up to you weather you get your kit off and how much you want to show.
I never push anyone to take anything off.
Take a look at my stuff and you will see I combine many different techniques.
Everyone is nervous before a shoot but everyone says my photo shoots are easier than anticipated and they are heaps of fun. I show you your images in the studio on a computer as we go along..... no waiting with fingers crossed, we delete the shit ones...I do my magic on the good ones. You go home with Art.
If you want something out of the ordinary..
Contact me for prices, then come play in the jungle.

Peter Engblom
Reception: 27 (0)354744919
Office 27: (0)354742298
P.O.Box 24, Eshowe 3815